Fair Appeals & Transparent Terminations

Across the industry, couriers for Deliveroo, UberEats, Just Eat and Stuart are being dismissed or ‘terminated’ with little warning or access to the evidence of what they are accused.

Despite being hailed as heroes and classed as key workers, terminations at delivery companies have been accelerating throughout the pandemic. There is little sign that this public praise is little more than PR and lip service. Riders and drivers are being flung to the kerb and being treated as disposable as pizza boxes.

Currently when a worker receives a notification of dismissal the reasons are often vague and rarely provide any hard proof. Couriers are provided with no understanding of how to appeal or navigate the entirely opaque systems.

A cross party group of 65 MPs have already backed the IWGB Courier branch’s demands for improvements by signing Early Day Motion 1110. Many MPs have first hand of experience of writing to support their constituents only to get nowhere by appealing to the good nature of the delivery companies.

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Terminations: Ask your MP to support key workers.
App based workers deserve fair appeals and transparent terminations. Ask your MP to sign EDM #1110

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Make sure they support EDM #1110



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