IWGB CLB: Palestine Solidarity Statement

The Couriers and Logistics Branch of the IWGB stands in full solidarity with the workers and activists of Palestine who have called for a general strike today. We condemn the ongoing brutality committed by the Israeli state.

For decades Israel has denied fundamental human rights to millions in occupied Palestine and has created a system of apartheid that restricts Palestinian movement and access to resources. It has transformed Gaza into the world’s largest open air prison and placed it under military and economic siege.

We recognise the complicity of the government of the United Kingdom and companies operating here in sustaining and profiting from the actions of this regime. In response to this call from the people of Palestine, including Palestinian trade unions, we wish to express our unequivocal support for the BDS movement and its aims.

Many of our members work for a company with substantial investments in Israel:

Uber automatically enrolls its couriers in Partner Protection Insurance provided by AXA, a French multinational corporation which invests millions in Israeli banks financing illegal settlements. We stand with the Palestinian people fighting to end their oppression by the Israeli state, as we stand with all oppressed groups. We therefore call on Uber to divest from its relationship with AXA and we are prepared to take collective action to achieve this demand.

#PalestineOnStrike #PalestineOnStrikeUK #SaveSheikhJarrah #GazaUnderAttack