Couriers are fighting back and taking a stand

Couriers across the country have decided to collectively take a stand on April 7th and action will be happening all across the country. These are our demands.

Riders are striking because pay and conditions have got worse and worse while Deliveroo CEO Will Shu has made a killing off our backs. 

We’ve risked our health and safety to deliver food while the country was in lockdown. 

While have applauded the massive shift we have put in, Deliveroo have overhired and driven down pay. 

When the money piled up for Shu, our pay went down. 

On April 7th we will take action and demand better pay and conditions.

Join the fightback.

What is the IPO?

An IPO, or Initial Public Offering, is when a company raises large amounts of money by issuing new shares on the stock market. This allows a wider range of investors to put their money into the company and to profit from the company’s activities. It means massive profits for founders and early investors, like CEO Will Shu, whose stake in Deliveroo is set to rise to £500 million. All of this on the back of the couriers who work day and night, rain or shine, delivering food for poverty wages. 

Deliveroo’s IPO is taking place on April 7th on the London Stock Exchange. They plan on raising £1 billion, which makes this the UK’s largest stock market launch in a decade. Millions of shares will be sold to hedge funds and investment banks for around £4, roughly the same amount that we as couriers receive per order.

Are you a Deliveroo courier?

IWGB members who can’t afford to take a day off work on the 7th will have access to our strike fund.

Non-IWGB members who can’t afford to take the day off work to take part in actions: Don’t log on to deliveroo on Strike Day and head to any local action that is taking place! If you need to earn money, work on one of the other food delivery apps instead, which won’t be affected by strike action. 

We are expecting the restaurants which haven’t shut down their deliveroo tablets on Strike Day to have big order backlogs. The unpaid waiting times will be horrendous!

Are you a supporter or Deliveroo customer?

You can help by sharing this call to action on social media

Invest in justice and donate to our strike fund.

Sign an open letter to CEO Will Shu from unions, riders and customers from across the world.

Film a solidarity message on behalf of yourself or your organisation and send it to clbcomms@iwgb.co.uk

Raise our campaign and action points in any community, union or political meetings you attend!