Why does it cost money to join?

The group charges a fee in order to be able to run a sustainable and effective organisation. Membership fees cover the essentials of campaiging against a company valued in the billions with very deep pockets. Things like flyers and staff cost money.

When can you help with my account?

A new IWGB policy means you need to be a member of the union for at least two months before you can get casework support. The branch is here to support committed members not people looking for free legal advice who cancel straight after they’ve been helped.

The whole process of terminations and deliveroo rider support is opaque and unfair which is why there is a campaign to change it. Ideally no one would need help as the system would function in a fair and trasparent way.

Why don’t you get a proper job? Why are you complaining? You signed up for it.

Members of the union enjoy their jobs but believe it can be improved. Moving on means you are happy for deliveroo treat riders badly and see everyone be pushed around. Stand up for yourself and every rider, you never have to accept being walked all over.

Working for deliveroo is a proper job. Delivering food in all weathers, being constantly alert on the roads and dealing with busy restaurants is hard work.