Deliveroo Riders – reject Bala Baya

Workers at this Southwark restaurant are demanding thousands in unpaid wages from their bosses.

IWGB Deliveroo Couriers will be refusing to collect takeaways until staff are paid everything they’re owed.

Will you join us and support the food workers?

RIDERS: Pledge your support & back the boycott

About the campaign

Restaurant staff, as members of the IWW trade union, have been forced to take action after serious COVID safety breaches and wages in the thousands remain unpaid.

Adding your support by rejecting deliveroo orders from Bala Baya will help add public pressure on the company and force them to pay up.

The bosses have:

  • Forced people to work whilst on furlough
  • Breached COVID safety rules
  • Held indoor events during lockdown
  • Threatened dismissal for those who spoke out
  • Failed to pay overtime and holiday pay

No worker should tolerate unsafe working conditions or wage theft.

An injury to one is an injury to all.

For the latest info see London IWW on twitter and facebook.

Join the next picket line

DATE: Friday 23rd April,
TIME: 6pm – 9pm
LOCATION: Bala Baya, 229 Union Street, Southwark, SE1 0LR