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Deliveroo riders united

Fair Appeals &
Transparent Terminations

Hailed by deliveroo as heroes to the public but treated as disposable on the road.

When deliveroo want to terminate a rider, and remove access to the app, there is no clear appeal process with many requests being completely ignored.

It’s time for riders to challenge the imbalance and have a fair, transparent process.

Were you unfairly terminated by Deliveroo?

What is the IWGB Couriers & Logistics Branch (CLB)?

The CLB is one of the many individual groups that form part of the whole grassroots, member-led, trade union the Independent Workers’ Union of Great Britain or IWGB. With a wide network across all sorts of courier companies the branch has a reputation for fighting hard for members and winning.

What is Roovolt?

A dedicated campaign from deliveroo riders, within the CLB branch, to challenge the poor treatment and low pay the takeaway delivery company forces on workers.


Members democratically decide the strategy and direction of the group.

Your voice and contribution is essential to how things are run.


Through unity couriers can be powerful and take on companies together.

Riders in the IWGB support each other and all workers.


Pooling resources together means individuals have a greeater impact.

From basic things like paying for flyers to more intensive things like dedicated support staff, it all goes a lot further.


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