deliveroo riders need
rights, respect, and fair pay.

Millionaire boss Will Shu gets a huge raise whilst he chooses pay cuts for riders and denies us holiday pay, a guaranteed minimum wage and basic worker protections. 

Riders shoulder the risks and bosses grab the rewards.

Are you ready to fight for something better?

Fees have been slashed whilst distances are increased. Riders are being fired without ever being shown evidence and have no way to challenge decisions. Long waiting times at restaurants are going unpaid. Huge changes are made with only a few days notice.


As long as you do nothing things will get only worse. Only when riders act together do we have the power to demand change and improve our jobs.


Bristol riders on strike

Membership of the union is £6 month.


Members vote on decisions
National & International campaign strategy
Network of supporters
Pooled resources
Experience & expertise

Self-employed tax advice
Help dealing with rider support
English classes (London)
General welfare assistance


Reject button
Rider Income Protection insurance
Minimum fee cut reversed – Nottingham
Temporary recruitment freeze – Bristol
Pay increases across courier industry

Share your experience of working for deliveroo in the rider survey

Mailing list: news, strikes & gifs

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